Friday's Child

Obliro | Ran Arhan | Jakarta

Secret santa fanart and new character portraits for KA RPF.

Avatar for Katsushika Akademia Halloween Event.

More Pear/Karin, also pretty quick.. about 5 hours? And I felt like abusing some texture.

This is a fanart of Rinne, a character from Katsushika Akademia. Made fairly quickly; around 4 hours from start to finish (and most of it while being very very sleepy), inspired by Maroon 5’s Payphone.

Karin, in his 2nd year of Highschool. Off with the fluffy bangs and on with the extra doucheyness.

A bit of continuation from “No Light”.

Fanart for Neu's char, Manohara Karasuma. (disclaimer: this is how she looks like in my head, may not compatible with canon ._.; )

A remake of an old character. Slightly different name and face, exact same background.

This started off as a doodle, so the original size is rather small(er) and proportions were.. tricky because there never were guide lines.

My new character, sans the veneer of being civilized and his well-behaved aloofness. I prefer the original size because I think he looks more on the verge of crying, there.

Made while listening to infinite loop of Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light.

I have several larger illustrations in progress, this is a little (rather quick) picture of a new OC for this RP site. I’ve been wanting to have a pink haired guy for awhile, and this is my second character named Karin, different kanji though.